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Digital marketing and traditional marketing

Digital marketing evolve quickly and most accepted terminology now-a-days because of its broadcasting and new technology. These strategies include the use of internet or any device linked with internet.

Common methods for digital marketing are:

  • Website content.
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media post & marketing.
  • Click on ads
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content /blog marketing
  • Google campaigns

These are very popular strategies because there is frequent usage of the internet and mobile devices. According to statics there are more than 4.54 billion are active internet users over worldwide and along them more than 3.8 billion are active social media users.

Real time examples of digital marketing:

  • You have a website- if its rank on any keyword. It’s getting visibility. There is marketing.
  • You go to, see any services & then go to facebook start seeing ad .This is digital marketing.
  • There are video suggestions on your YouTube feed this is digital marketing.
  • You watching any YouTube video. There is ad in between. This is digital marketing.
  • On facebook you are seeing ads. This is digital marketing.
  • On website there is Chabot. This is digital marketing.
  • On Google you search something. There are paid ads too. This is digital marketing.



  • Audience/ user involvement can be immediately tracked. When other guest/user click on a link to your site, reads any content or follows you on social media, you have notification immediately.
  • You make your content and profile visible to particular group of people by using its privacy policy.
  • Large audience: for digital means it would easier to broadcast message. Also share post and content through social media.
  • After understanding the target audience, you can create a buyer perspective that enables you to customize the content more affectively.
  • Cost effective: the cost of advertising online is fraction of the cost of traditional ads and also riches a wider audience.
  • Free platform: best platform where all big farm, startup, entrepreneur can showcase their talent and make their brand promotion.


  • Negative feedback/ review/ trolls: it is open platform; you open yourself up to complaints by all customers and some people/trollers who often make it their goal to flutter things up and create a nuisance.
  • Contents easily copied, it takes two clicks to copy information from your campaign efforts.



This method encompasses marketing methods without use of internet. Traditional marketing was relying upon some common mediums such as: newspapers, radio, brochures, television, pamphlets, billboards etc. traditional marketing categories are:

  • Print: includes advertisement in newspapers, newsletters, magazines, brochures, and other printed material for distribution.
  • Direct mail: postcards, catalogs, portfolio, is printed and mailed directly to customer.
  • Broadcast: television, radio and on-screen movie theater advertising.
  • Outdoor: similar to print, but it work on large scale. Examples: billboards, bus sides, building wraps etc.
  • Referral: earned and shared by the clients or customers with their family & friends. Examples: vouchers, discounts on next purchase, coupons.




  • Reach local audience: by advertising on FM radio and newspapers. Flyers in the mail also help target specific outskirts or areas.
  • Hard copies for future purpose.
  • Effective way of communication that is face-to-face.
  • Display solutions.



  • Traditional marketing is more expensive then digital marketing.
  • This is often not as measurable.
  • Takes longer time to execute and refine.
  • Does not have the same ability to target and sub-segment.
  • Fear to lose its audience.



Traditional marketing is old method, but on other hand digital marketing has become more popular from past decades. For any small business and entrepreneur digital platform is most cost effective and easily reach large audience/ customer. In digital marketing it will cost you less and will provide an opportunity to complete massive competitors. In the end both marketing styles have their pros and cons. Choose your style based on your requirements and budget of your business.


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